Range of Services

We, the surgeons at the Department of Thoracic Surgery, Lung Clinic Heckeshorn, have extensive experience across the treatment of all non-cardiac thoracic surgical diseases. We feel a strong commitment to serve each patient individually and are dedicated to the care of patients whenever possible within specified treatment protocols. This includes the discussion and definition of treatment planning for cancer patients within our interdisciplinary tumor conferences (tumor boards), as well as carrying out regular complication conferences. In patients with previously unsuccessful surgical treatments for complex thoracic diseases we serve also as an important referral center.


A major focus of our treatment service includes all areas of thoracic oncology, as in the early stages and in advanced tumor stages of lung cancer, the tumors of the thymus, the tumors of the chest wall with adjacent regions as well as the trachea.


In addition to the treatment of malignant primary diseases of the thorax our service includes operations for metastatic disease as well as for a variety of benign diseases of the chest wall and thoracic organs; these include chest wall deformities as funnel and pigeon chest, as well as special forms of emphysema.

  • Lung cancer, lung metastases (laser), tumors and both common and rare disorders of the trachea.
  • Tuberculous lung and pleural disorders, malignant pleural diseases (pleural mesothelioma, carcinomatosis)
  • Tumors of the chest wall and radiation injury after breast cancer treatment
  • Tumors of the mediastinum (i.a. germ cell tumors, desmoid tumors, thymomas, cysts, goiters) including vascular reconstructive surgery
  • Accumulation of pus in the chest (empyema), and mediastinum (mediastinitis)
  • inflammatory lung, sternum and chest wall disorders
  • chest wall deformities, such as pectus excavatum and pectus carinatum (Nuss procedure, modified Ravitch procedure)
  • Diaphragm disorders (i.a. hernias, ruptures)  

  • Decortication and debridement for early stage empyema
  • Benign diseases of the esophagus
  • Hemothorax and retained hemothorax in chest trauma (accumulation of blood in the chest cavity)
  • Pleurectomy and pleurodesis for malignant pleural effusions
  • Tumors of the mediastinum, e.g. VATS thymectomy
  • Lung cancer in its early stages (VATS lobectomy), pneumothorax, chronic emphysema (lung volume reduction surgery - LVRS)
  • Hyperhidrosis (VATS sympathectomy)
  • Video-assisted mediastinal lymph node dissection


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