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Helios Hospital Emil von Behring offers individual treatment solutions with exceptional comfort and belongs to one of the largest hospitals in the south-western part of Berlin. In total, it has 14 specialised departments, 3 institutes and various certified centres. There is a wide range of innovative inpatient therapies offered to our patients. A large Medical Care Centre (MVZ) located on the campus of the hospital provides diagnostic and therapeutic (both surgical and nonsurgical) services to patients who do not require hospitalization. MVZ works in close cooperation with departments of the hospital which leads to the most effective diagnostic methods and optimal individual treatment plans.    


Helios Hospital Emil von Behring - that is what makes us special:

  • One of the leading pulmonary centres in Germany for all diseases of the respiratory system, in particular lung cancer, with an affiliated certified lung cancer and thoracic centre
  • Dedicated clinic for all other oncological diseases with comprehensive diagnostics and innovative therapies, first-class visceral surgery specialised in all digestive organs, in particular in intestinal surgery
  • Centre for Joint (Orthopaedic) and Spine Surgery - traditionally specialised in scoliosis treatment for children, innovative spine surgery and advanced hip and knee joint replacement (arthroplasty) for adults
  • 24-hour care and treatment of acute and chronically ill patients with heart problems in our modern cardiac catheterization labs, including department for all forms of cardiac arrhythmias

Katharina Friedrich

Head Patientmanager
Katharina Friedrich


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