International office

International office

In our dedication to providing the best individualized care, it is primarily the close cooperation between each of our departments that offers our patients not only new perspectives in terms of therapy, but also the highest level of safety and quality.

The Weißeritztal clinics with its two entities, the hospital Freital and teleportal Dippoldiswalde clinic, is situated in the idyllic district of the Ore Mountains / Saxonian Switzerland, only ten kilometers from the city center of Dresden. Our philosophy is to work with the latest patient-oriented tools and to see the whole person and their individual physical and mental needs and fears, in order to achieve the best possible results in healing, and treating patients in cooperation with our doctors.

In order to process requests from foreign patients centrally and quickly, we have established an International Office for you.

To assess your treatment options we need a detailed medical report (doctor's letter). Please send the report with your treatment request at any time via email or fax. Within a few days you will receive your individual treatment offer, a preliminary cost overview and details of the payment options/ down payment.


Heike Klameth

Referentin Marketing, Kommunikation und Technologien
Heike Klameth



0351 646-6234

Here are the details of the contact process:

Treatment inquiry

Step 1
Contact our International Office for your personal consultation.
By mail:  E-MAIL
By phone: +49 (351) 646-6234 

Step 2
Treatment request and sending of your medical records / medical reports.

Step 3
Review of your submitted medical reports and treatment request by the International Office.

Step 4
Forwarding your medical reports for re-evaluation to the responsible doctor.

Step 5
Proposal of your personal treatment plan by the doctor.

Step 6
Creation of preliminary cost survey (cost estimate) by our International Office.

Step 7
Quotation will be sent to you from the International Office to you (within two working days).

Step 8
As soon as your approval of the treatment has been received, we will agree on the payment process/ down payment and discuss all other details, such as your travel plans, transportation or the accommodation of your companions or family members.