The range of keyhole surgical procedures

An outstanding aspect of our Clinic is its specialist skill in and nationwide reputation for operations using the technique called keyhole surgery, in which we have more than 10 years of surgical experience and which we have been performing with modern 3D systems since 2014.

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To summarise, this technique is routinely used in:

  • the removal or partial removal of: 
  • adrenal glands,
  • kidneys,
  • renal tumours (leaving the healthy kidney),   
  • kidney cysts,
  • pyeloplasty,
  • fixation of floating kidneys (nephroptosis),
  • extraction of stones from the renal pelvis, renal calyx and ureter, 
  • ureter neoimplantation,   
  • ureterocutaneostomy, 
  • complete removal of the urinary bladder, 
  • bladder diverticulectomy, 
  • removal of lymph nodes in patients with bladder/prostate/testicular cancer,
  • mobilisation of intra-abdominal testes in children,  
  • varicocele surgery, 
  • colposacropexy, 
  • radical prostatectomy (with and without nerve preservation) 
  • closure of enterovesical fistulas, 
  • closure of vesicovaginal fistulas,   
  • internal drainage of lymphoceles,  
  • Burch incontinence operations,   
  • ureter mobilisation (ureterolysis),   
  • revision surgery (e.g. of a haematoma, a urinoma or following urinary bladder perforation or in intestine obstruction patients),    
  • removal of ectopic (rudimentary) kidneys.