Terminbuchung für das Impfzentrum der Stadt Wiesbaden

Terminbuchungen für das Impfzentrum Wiesbaden sind nicht über die DKD Helios Klinik möglich.

Termine können Sie telefonisch montags bis freitags von 8.30 bis 15.30 Uhr unter Tel. (0611) 319292, per E-Mail an impftermin@wiesbaden.de sowie über das Kontaktformular vereinbaren.

Our service to you

Medical Services

I.    Health check-ups / Prevention

Since our very beginning the DKD Helios Clinic of Wiesbaden has been particularly dedicated to preventive health care. We offer check-ups performed by different medical departments. These are typically designated to healthy people that want to improve their life style or that want to make sure that a genetic loading is not coming into effect yet. Started in the 1970s DKD Helios Clinic Wiesbaden is still the market leader in Germany with nearly 4,300 check-ups per year. Also about 2,000 patients per year from foreign countries travel all the way to Wiesbaden to make use of our experience and expertise.

Your personal check-up

Initial consultation
We want you to get the check-up you need, therefore, each check-up is set up according to your individual needs and medical history by a specialist, who takes responsibility for your best care. Your personal doctor controls your treatment plan, coordinates the further procedure and remains your point of contact even after the check-up. 

Throughout your check-up you go through different specialist departments for all necessary examinations. All disciplines are located under one roof – making it possible to adapt the program to your specific needs at short notice

Final consultation
Before leaving you have an extensive consultation with your personal doctor again. As part of a thorough overall analysis, the medical findings and laboratory results are consolidated to assess the risk profile. Finally, you develop a customized program of preventive measures, diet and exercise for a conscious lifestyle

II.    Outpatient Care

DKD Helios Clinic is experienced in diagnostics and treatment or complex diseases. In collaboration with different specialist departments our team finds the right treatment for you. To arrange the best possible examination plan for you, it is always helpful to send us all results from previous examinations and medical reports from other doctors and hospitals.
The International Office assists you in arranging a suitable appointment for you.
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III.    Inpatient Care

In case inpatient admission is required, you will be accommodated in our hospital to receive your individual treatment and personal care. Our medical team takes care of you 24/7 to ensure your wellbeing and fast recovery.
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