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Difficult weaning

Difficult weaning

Our lung centre offers you a concept in the field of weaning from mechanical ventilation that is unique nationwide. In addition to our highly specialised weaning unit, a separate ward is available for continued (prolonged) weaning - the „Lebensluft“ ward.

The "Lebensluft" ward enables critically ill patients to receive optimal therapeutic support, up to six months, after a phase of long-term ventilation to resume a life without a ventilator.

Difficult weaning

After a serious illness or an accident, it sometimes takes a long time, in individual cases up to several months, before the breathing work can be completely taken over again by the patient. There are many reasons for this: In most cases there is an unrecognised lung disease such as COPD, which is often only diagnosed during the hospital stay and makes weaning from the ventilator much more difficult.

New treatment concept "Lebensluft"

In these cases, the Lebensluft ward offers an advanced therapy option: the aim of the interdisciplinary cooperation between lung specialists, experienced nursing staff, respiratory, occupational and physiotherapists as well as speech therapists is to train your respiratory muscles in a targeted manner.  "Lebensluft" enables those affected to "learn" to breathe for themselves again over a longer period of time and thus to lead a self-determined life in their own home environment. Outpatient care or accommodation in a respiratory care home, often for months, years or even a lifetime, can be avoided.

Optimal treatment of concomitant diseases

In the case of interdisciplinary issues, we can always call in the other departments in the hospital in order to provide comprehensive care for the patients directly on site. Pressure sores (decubitus ulcers) as a result of sometimes prolonged bedriddenness are among the most common concomitant diseases in patients requiring long-term ventilation. In close cooperation with the plastic surgeons, we can clarify directly whether surgical treatment is necessary. For neuropathies or neuromuscular diseases, the comprehensive range of neurological services is available at the clinic.

Set up of the ward

Our ward has a shared kitchen and ten single rooms, all of which are attractively designed with balconies and views of the countryside. Find out more about the facilities of the Lebensluft ward here

Our range of services

  • Qualified care by specially trained and experienced nursing staff in intensive and respiratory medicine
  • Regular ward rounds by respiratory and weaning specialists
  • Physiotherapy (daily)
  • Ergotherapy (daily)
  • Speech therapy (several times a week)
  • Special breathing therapy (several times a week)
  • Nursing training for relatives