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Emergency information of the Helios Hospital Krefeld

Emergency call number 112

In an acute, life-threatening emergency, please dial the emergency number of the fire and rescue service immediately: 112.

Emergency numbers of the Helios Hospital Krefeld

The emergency rooms of our hospital are the first point of contact for all acutely ill patients. Our emercency department is open 24/7 if you need urgent care:

A&E Centre: (02151) 32 10 000

Paediatric A&E centre: (02151) 32 2303

How to find our emergency centre

Our Emergency Centre is within walking distance of the P2 car park. The access is in the rear area of the clinic (approach via Lutherstrasse, directly next to Lutherkirche). For patients with limited mobility, there are designated short-term parking spaces available in the area of our rescue service entrance.

Our Emergency Pediatric Centre is located on the ground floor of the paediatric clinic (house A2) - the first building on the right hand side of the forecourt. A red train is parked in front of the entrance.

How to react in an emergency

First aid - what you can do

Intervene immediately if someone suddenly collapses. The basic measures for resuscitation can be divided into three steps:

  1. Check the person's breathing and reaction - for example by shaking the shoulder.
  2. Call for help. Involve bystanders and call 112.
  3. If the person no longer reacts and does not breathe normally, start the cardiac massage: Press firmly and quickly (about 100 times per minute) with the ball of your hand in the middle of the person's chest.

The correct emergency call

In case of a medical emergency, do not hesitate to call 112. The call will then automatically reach the appropriate control centre. Try to stay calm and prepare to answer the most important emergency questions:

  • Where did it happen?
  • What happened?
  • How many injured people?
  • What injuries does the person have?

Wait for enquiries and do not end the call until the person responsible at the control centre asks you to do so.