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Narrowing of the trachea

Narrowing of the trachea

In case of laryngeal and tracheal constrictions, we work together with experts from various specialist areas in order to offer those affected the best possible individual therapy.

Constrictions in the airways can have many causes: Most commonly, they occur as part of tumour diseases. However, scarring after long-term intubation, congenital malformations or inflammatory processes can also cause narrowing. Stenoses for unknown reasons are called idiopathic stenoses. Typical symptoms are shortness of breath with a whistling sound of breathing (stridor).

According to the location of the narrowing, we distinguish between glottal stenosis, subglottal stenosis and stenosis of the trachea.

Various techniques are available today for treatment. Often it is possible to recanalise the narrowing of the trachea in a targeted and minimally invasive manner using balloon dilatation or laser procedures. In severe cases, open surgery must be performed. The narrowed segment is surgically removed and the trachea is reconnected to the larynx using a special technique.

We carry out all endoscopic procedures for dilatation (expansion, removal of scar tissue, stents) as well as open surgery. Depending on the localisation, cause and after considering all individual factors, we will discuss the most suitable procedure with you. We work together in a team of experts consting of beENT doctors, pneumologists, thoracic surgeons and anaesthetists.

In severe cases, or in the case of conditions that can make surgery difficult, such as heart, lung or neurological diseases, the treatment of the constriction can take place in several stages.


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