Aortic valve repair

Our Clinic for Cardiac and Cardiovascular Surgery offers the entire spectrum of aortic valve repair. This enables us to offer each patient the best possible individual treatment method.

Aortic valve reconstruction

The preservation - and thus the reconstruction - of the patient's own aortic valve is in most cases the best therapeutic option for the patient. The procedure is superior to total valve replacement, especially in younger patients, women with a desire for children and athletes. The prerequisite is that the aortic valve is not calcified or anatomically altered. Aortic valve reconstruction is also possible in patients with Marfan syndrome.

We offer the entire spectrum of aortic valve reconstruction including remodeling according to Yacoub and reimplantation according to David (valve-preserving replacement of the aortic root).

The best treatment option for patients with Marfan syndrome is considered to be the David operation. The procedure can also be performed on congenital aortic valves with two pouches (bicuspid aortic valve). 

The advantages of aortic valve reconstruction include the comparatively low surgical risk and the low rate of postoperative bacterial inflammation of the heart valve (endocarditis). Compared to biological valve replacement, aortic valve reconstruction achieves a comparable long-term prognosis. The patient is not dependent on blood-thinning medication for a lifetime. The function of the valve is regularly checked on an outpatient basis. The operation can also be performed using a minimally invasive approach. We clarify which is the most suitable procedure for the individual patient in a detailed discussion with our patients.

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