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Myoma embolization

Myoma embolization

It does not always have to be surgery: a minimally invasive procedure - so-called embolization - shrinks benign nodes in the uterus (myomas).

Arterial embolisation is a newly emerging treatment for myomas. With this method, the myoma is cut off from the blood supply using tiny plastic beads. The increased blood flow is reduced and the myoma literally "starves" and shrinks in size.

Shrinking of tissue

First a local anaesthetic is applied to the access site in the groin. Then a catheter is inserted into the inguinal artery. Using modern imaging techniques the target vessels in uterus, responsible for the supply of the myoma, can be probed with a very fine catheter.

After ensuring the correct position, tiny plastic beads are placed to close the vessels. These are well tolerated and remain in place for the entire life. The blood vessel is sealed (embolized) with said tiny plastic beads. The catheter is removed and the puncture site in the groin is closed by simple compression for a few minutes.  The patient lies awake on his back covered by a sterile cloth for about one to one and a half hours during the treatment.  The myoma shrinks within a few months.

Fig. 1: Illustration of a highly perfused symptomatic myoma before embolization.

Fig. 2: Control image of the myoma after successful embolization. Due to the reduced blood flow, the myoma shrank significantly and the symptoms receded.

Advantages of myoma embolization

The uterus is protected and preserved in this minimally invasive procedure. The procedure is carried out by our interventional radiologist experts and is performed under local anaesthesia. General anaesthesia or an abdominal incision is not necessary. Hospitalization is accordingly short, patients can be discharged within one to three days.

Our experts Prof. Katoh and Dr. Schott will be happy to advise you personally.
Our experts Prof. Katoh and Dr. Schott will be happy to advise you personally.

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