The operation - chance of cure

The operation - chance of cure

In a radical prostatectomy, the prostate and cancer are completely removed. A complete cure at the localized stage is thus almost always possible.

We plan the operation at our centre on a highly individual basis. The sometimes already performed diagnostics of the area outside the prostate is not always sufficiently image-resolving to depict individual cancer cells in this area. Therefore, we use all the findings obtained during the preliminary examination to plan the extent of the operation using complex mathematical calculations. The details of the operation - such as removal of the lymph nodes and preservation of the erectile nerves - will be discussed with you in detail before the operation.

This way the nerves can be preserved

When planning the preservation of the erectile nerves, we also rely on special frozen section diagnostics carried out during the procedure. This allows the surgeon to make a precise decision based on the actual microscopic tumor situation. In order to be able to optimally preserve the fine anatomical structures in this area, we also operate exclusively with magnifying glasses. Because the most important goals are healing as well as the preservation of urinary incontinence and virility.

Alternative therapies and independent advice

If the alternative therapy is radiotherapy, we offer the established procedures of external and internal radiotherapy using the most modern technology.
In our clinic, patients can receive independent advice in our prostate cancer consultation hour, also for a second opinion. Each case is then discussed individually in a tumour conference with the participation of a urologist, radiotherapist, pathologist and radiologist. The result of this "interdisciplinary tumour conference" is then made available in a letter.