Pneumonia - causes and treatment options

Infections and viruses are actually always in season. But a cough can quickly turn into pneumonia. People who are older or have certain underlying illnesses are particularly at risk. Those affected find comprehensive care in our clinic.

Pneumonia is an acute or chronic inflammation of the lung tissue. The causes of the disease can be pathogens such as bacteria and viruses, but also the entry of gastric juice into the airways and much more.

Recognize and treat

A quick diagnosis is the basis for successful treatment. First of all, we will ask you in detail about your current complaints as well as about past and existing illnesses. In addition to the thorough physical examination, we use other diagnostic procedures to detect pneumonia at an early stage. These include:

  • Clinical laboratory examinations
  • X-ray images
  • Computer tomography of the thorax
  • Flexible bronchoscopy (lung endoscopy)
  • Pleurasonography (ultrasonic examination of the diaphragm)

With the help of laboratory examinations, we can precisely determine the pathogen and thus determine the drug therapy in a targeted manner. We treat all typical as well as special forms (e.g. tuberculosis) of pneumonia. If detected and treated in its early stages, the pneumonia usually heals within a few weeks.

For the therapy of severe courses of the disease, we can fall back on an optimally equipped intensive care unit. Here our patients are monitored around the clock by specialists and intensive care staff and can be given artificial respiration if necessary.