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Rare lung diseases

Rare lung diseases

Rare lung diseases usually start with unspecific symptoms and can sometimes affect other organs of the body. This makes a reliable diagnosis and treatment by a team of specialists all the more important.

Lung diseases such as sarcoidosis, pulmonary fibrosis or allergic inflammations such as "birdkeeper's lung" are largely unknown. The lungs are also frequently involved in rheumatoid arthritis, or drugs can damage the lung.

The treatment of rare lung diseases is part of the service spectrum of our clinic. For a reliable diagnosis, we usually perform an endoscopy of the lung (bronchoscopy). In the course of this examination, we can obtain cells by irrigating the bronchi (bronchial lavage) or take a tissue sample (biopsy). The samples are then histologically examined under a microscope.

As part of our regular multidisciplinary conference, we discuss your examination results in a team of experts and draw up a corresponding therapy recommendation.

Our treatment offer for you

  • Individual diagnostic and therapy plans
  • Second opinion
  • Preparation for a lung transplant

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