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Heart and vessels under high pressure

High blood pressure is one of the "widespread diseases" and is associated with a significantly increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, circulatory disorders, stroke and kidney failure. We offer you differentiated diagnostics and therapy in a hypertension centre certified by the German Hypertension League (DHL).

Blood pressure measurement
Blood pressure measurement

In the vast majority of hypertension patients, no specific cause for hypertension can be identified. This form is called "primary or essential hypertension". Hereditary predisposition plays a major role, but factors such as nutrition, overweight and chronic stress are also important.

In about ten percent of all cases, high blood pressure is the result of another disease - this is called "secondary hypertension". These include above all kidney diseases, constricted renal vessels or disorders of the hormone-producing (endocrine) organs.

Realiable diagnosis and therapy

First of all, we will examine you thoroughly to find the cause of your high blood pressure and exclude other diseases. In some cases, we carry out a long-term measurement using a mobile blood pressure cuff to obtain information about your individual daily profile.

If you have a secondary form of high blood pressure, the treatment of high blood pressure lies in the therapy of the causative disease. If the suspicion of essential hypertension is confirmed, we will discuss in detail with you what type of therapy is necessary. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, a number of effective medications are available. Which drug is suitable for you depends on any concomitant diseases and individual tolerance.

Specialised cooperation

At our hypertension centre, which is certified by the German Hypertension League (DHL), internists specialising in high blood pressure, kidney specialists and endocrinologists (hormone and metabolism specialists) work hand in hand to ensure the right treatment for your form of high blood pressure.

We will be happy to advise you.