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Outpatient Wound Treatment

In our outpatient wound clinic we combine our expertise to take care of people with chronic wounds. Merging several specialist departments, it is affiliated with the Clinic of Dermatology.

Chronic wounds are complex diseases that require competent and interdisciplinary wound management. The overriding aim is to diagnose and treat the underlying disease of the wound and the physical relationships precisely. To achieve this, we work at our wound centre with medical specialists from various disciplines.

Wound manager Ulf Gillmann treating a patient.

Interaction of specialists and nursing

At the same time, it is important to provide the best possible care for the wound in the individual phases of treatment so that it can heal quickly and you can move normally again soon.
Outpatient and inpatient wound therapists take care of this. They are specially trained to assess chronic wounds and provide appropriate nursing care. We can even treat prolonged and difficult-to-heal wounds optimally.



Our treatment offer

In our wound team of medical specialists, wound therapists and histologists, we are primarily specialised in the following clinical pictures:

  • Ulcus cruris (lower leg ulcer)
  • Diabetic foot syndrome
  • Decubitus (pressure sore)
  • Other wounds

We are also closely networked with physiotherapists, podiatrists, nursing services and registered doctors in our region.

Our wound team will advise you in detail and explain how you can additionally support the therapeutic measures.

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