Injuries in children and adolescents

Whether on a discovery tour at home or skating with friends: When children and teenagers romp and play, injuries or fractures can quickly occur.

In our paediatric clinic we offer comprehensive care for injuries. After admission of your to the Interdisciplinary Emergency Centre (Building B2), we will be called in for diagnosis in order to coordinate the individual treatment of your child in the event of surgical treatment.

Wherever possible, we avoid exposure to radiation and initially place great importance on a thorough examination of your child. If an X-ray examination or further examination procedures are necessary, these can be carried out directly on site.

Seal "Excellent for Children"
Seal "Excellent for Children"

In the event of an inpatient admission, your child will be cared for on our child-friendly wards in the paediatric clinic. We are certified by the seal "Excellent for Children".


Common injuries we treat in paediatric surgery are:

  • Burns and scalds
  • Skin and soft tissue injuries (e.g. head laceration)
  • Broken bones, sometimes also with wounds
  • Injuries to the thorax or abdomen
  • Concussions

Movement is part of it

Because of their natural curiosity, children and young people move around a lot which is important. This is how they strengthen their musculoskeletal system, test their limits and learn for their whole life. In most cases, parents do not need to worry too much about injuries resulting from natural movement and play processes, as these injuries usually heal by themselves after professional care.
In severe cases, in the case of a so-called polytrauma, your child will be cared for together with other specialist clinics such as vascular surgery, abdominal surgery, trauma surgery or the paediatric intensive care unit.