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FAQs about our optional services

FAQs about our optional services

Wir möchten, dass Sie bei uns im Herzzentrum in einem angenehmen Ambiente schnell wieder genesen. Hier beantworten wir die wichtigsten Fragen rund um die Buchung Ihrer gewünschten Wahlleistung.

If you like, you can add to the range of services you book - whether you are paying for them yourself, or have private or supplementary insurance.

The manager in charge of optional services and her team of qualified staff will be on hand for you throughout your stay, attending to your needs and answering your questions. They will also be pleased to help you handle the necessary formalities with your insurer.

Who can take advantage of these optional services?

Basically, any patient has the opportunity to do so, and to book extra services before they are admitted to the clinic. The invoice is either sent to the company providing private or supplementary insurance, or - if no such policy exists - direct to you so that you can pay it yourself. If you aren't sure which costs will be paid by your health fund, we will be happy to help and can seek clarification directly from your insurer.

Just ask us!

When booking, please note ...

If you are paying your own expenses, you can decide for yourself which services you would like to use. Our optional services can be booked individually or together. This means that if you prefer, you can be treated by the doctor of your choice even if you are staying in a general ward - just as you can choose to upgrade your accommodation alone.

Olivia Obigt

Olivia Obigt



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How do you book your choice of services?

It is best if you contact us in advance of your scheduled hospital stay; alternatively, upon admission you can inform the secretary's office of your respective clinic that you would like the add-on services of private accommodation or additional medical options. Even if you have already been allocated a bed in the general ward, we can help you transfer to another room if that is what you prefer.

Our flyer ...more information (PDF download).

Useful advice

You should check with your health insurance provider in advance whether you are covered for accommodation in a private room (non-medical option) and/or for treatment by a doctor of your choice (optional medical services) during your stay as an inpatient.

We will be happy to assist if necessary.

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