Ihre Unterkunft

Your Accommodation and Our Prices

Hier erhalten Sie eine Übersicht zu den Preisen für unsere Zimmer inklusive Komfort- und Serviceleistungen.

The cost of your accommodation will be invoiced to your private or supplementary health insurance provider. All of the room prices have been approved by the Association of Private Health Insurance (PKV).

If you have no supplementary insurance, you may use our services by paying the charges yourself.

Single room*Euro 170 per day
Twin--bedded roomEuro   93 per day
Accommodation for a companion*Euro   93 per day

These prices may vary slightly depending on the package of options; they include all services and extras. The dates of admission and discharge are calculated together as a single day.

* If sufficient space is available, we will be happy to accommodate you in a single room or to provide accommodation for a companion.

Useful advice

Check with your health insurance provider whether you are covered for accommodation in a private room (non-medical option). If you are, then your health insurance fund will pay the costs of your accommodation. We will be happy to help you with administrative matters!

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