Interventional mitral valve repair (MitraClip)

Mit dem minimal-invasiven und schonenden MitraClip-Verfahren können unsere Kardiologen Mitralklappenrekonstruktionen vornehmen oder die Klappen ersetzen.

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Interventional mitral valve repair is used to repair a diseased mitral valve. We at the Heart Center Leipzig can call on a team of internationally recognized and experienced specialists at our clinic to perform this procedure on the heart itself. And the success we have achieved with the interventional implantation of aortic valves (TAVI) has shown that corresponding interventions in the cardiac catheter laboratory are also suited to mitral valve repair.

Interventional mitral valve repair

... is indicated in particular for older patients whose heart valve problems are accompanied by age-related cardiac insufficiency. Even if your heart function is restricted, it may still be possible for you to undergo interventional mitral valve repair.

A minor intervention rather than a major operation

A minimally invasive intervention of this kind (with only a minor impact on your body) may possibly spare you heart surgery. Interventional mitral valve repair is still regarded as an innovative form of treatment in the field of cardiology, and is proving expedient in an increasing number of cases as an extremely good method for use with a cardiac catheter.

Mitral valve

The mitral valve is one of four heart valves. And one which is kept very busy: the mitral valve is put under a lot of strain, and is not uncommonly affected by conditions such as mitral stenosis, prolapse, mitral insufficiency or rheumatic valve disease.

For many years, the only treatment available for such disorders was heart surgery. But now, thanks to interventional mitral valve repair and with the help of cardiac catheters, cardiologists can also treat mitral valve conditions.

The MitraClip has an important role to play here, because it attaches the leaflets of the valve to one another. When performing the procedure, it is very important not to leave the valves too wide open, but equally not to close them too tightly. Using constant observation, the perfect position is found for the MitraClip. The procedure is monitored throughout with ultrasound to check that the existing leak is repaired, whilst at the same time ensuring that there is no excessive constriction of the valve.

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Structural heart diseases

With its Department of Structural Heart Disease, the Heart Center Leipzig has created an interdisciplinary unit to improve the care we provide in particular to older patients suffering from structural heart disease, which includes disorders of the heart valves. Experts in the field of heart surgery and cardiology work closely together in the department to decide how best to treat an individual patient.


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