Our service to you

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Helios International Office Wiesbaden (HIO) at any time

1.    Is the service of the International Office chargeable?

No, the HIO is part of the Helios DKD Clinic Wiesbaden and our team is employed by Helios.  You don’t pay any charges or commission for our service.

2.    Which services does HIO offer?

We handle all organizational tasks for our patients coming from abroad for treatment in Wiesbaden: preparation of cost estimates, coordination of appointments and admission, assistance with visa formalities, assistance with travel organization if required (nearby hotels, transfer), translation of medical reports (chargeable) and settlement of treatment costs.

3.    How to book an appointment?

You can book appointments for check-ups as well as outpatient consultations and inpatient treatment with assistance of the International Office: hio@helios-gesundheit.de

4.    What information is required to book an appointment?

For check-ups:  

  • Personal data (name as given in the passport, date of birth, residential address)
  • Medical history in English or German, e. g. imaging, medical reports and discharge summary not older than 3-6 months (if available)
  • Complaints
  • Your preferred dates
  • If you wish to have certain examinations, please let us know

For outpatient consultations:

  • Personal data (name as given in the passport, date of birth, residential address)
  • Medical history in English or German, e. g. imaging, medical reports and discharge summary not older than 3-6 months (if available)
  • Complaints
  • Your preferred dates

For inpatient consultations:

  • Personal data (name as given in the passport, date of birth, residential address)
  • Medical history in English or German, e. g. imaging, medical reports and discharge summary not older than 3-6 months
  • Complaints
  • Your preferred dates


5.    How long does it take to process my inquiry?

As soon as we have all required data as mentioned above, we usually try to get back to you within two working days by sending you a treatment plan and cost estimate for your case. As soon as you agree to start your treatment, we jointly fix a date for your arrival.
In case we need more time to deal with your inquiry or need further information on your case, we will notify you by email.

6.    Can I send medical records in languages other than German or English?

Please note that we only accept English or German documents. We do not translate your medical records from other hospitals. Thus the handling time of your inquiry will be prolonged automatically, if we don’t have all required information in English or German.

7.    Who sets up the treatment plan?

For check-ups:  
The team of the International Office is well trained and experienced is setting up schedules for preventive check-ups. We can advise you on examinations that are recommended with regards to your age and gender.  If your inquiry deals with special medical complaints, we discuss your case with medical specialists in order to adjust the schedule to your personal needs.

For outpatient and inpatient consultations:
All medical records that we receive are forwarded to our medical specialists who review and evaluate your case. The specialists set up and forward the treatment plan they needs for your case to the International Office. We then get back to you with your individualized treatment plan and cost estimate.

8.    How long do I need to stay in Wiesbaden and the hospital?

Our check-ups usually take one to two days, depending on the examinations and the time schedule of your personal doctor. Please note that some checks may need more time than two days, especially when we have to schedule them very short-termed.
Of course we always try to set up a plan as fast and tight as possible.

Outpatient consultations and examinations:
The duration of outpatient examinations depends on the range of tests that need to be done. Usually outpatient tests and consultation vary from one day to one week.

Inpatient treatment:
The duration of you inpatient stay always depends on the diagnosis and treatment. Thus, we can only tell you a rough duration after our medical has reviewed and evaluated your case.

9.    Where can I stay?

Whether you are coming for a check-up or outpatient consultation you can either stay in a hotel of your choice or book a single or double room on our private ward in the hospital if available.
For inpatient treatment you always have to stay in the hospital. Of course you can also book a single or double bed room on the private ward, if available.

10.    How can I get to the hospital, is there a transfer service?

We don’t have an own transfer service. We are happy to assist you in arranging a transfer with one of our cooperating partners. Please note that a transfer from Frankfurt International Airport to DKD Helios Clinic Wiesbaden starts from 70 € one-way.

11.    How much does the treatment costs?

Please contact the International Office to get a cost estimate for your personal check-up, outpatient consultation or inpatient treatment.

12.    What does the cost estimate comprise and how exact is it?

Check-Ups and outpatient appointments:
All cost estimates for checks and outpatient appointments comprise the examinations that are recommended from our medical team according to the schedule you receive.
Please note that further tests may be necessary and additional costs may occur after you had your initial consultation with your personal doctor. To receive an updated cost estimate with additional examinations, please contact the International Office after your initial examination.

Inpatient treatment:

  • All our cost estimates are calculated based on your medical documents and include the following costs:
  • general medical treatment (according to the German DRG-System)
  • laboratory tests and further case-specific diagnostics
  • doctor’s fees
  • room and board for the patient
  • room and board for an accompanying person, if required*

*Please note that the accommodation of an accompanying person in the patient’s room depend on the capacity on our private ward.

Our medical specialists review and evaluate each case individually. Due to the fact that they have to give a recommendation based on external medical records without knowing or seeing the patient, the cost estimate for inpatient treatment is non-binding only. After your arrival and the first personal examination, the specialist may adjust the treatment plan, thus, the final costs may differ from the cost estimate. You’ll receive a detailed invoice after your discharge.

13.    What is the German DRG system?

The invoice for general inpatient treatment in the HELIOS hospital is based on the
following guidelines:

Inpatient treatment is calculated by a case-based lump sum (base rate) and so called
DRGs (Diagnosis Related Groups). DRGs are assigned based on ICD (International
Classification of Diseases) diagnoses, procedures, age, gender, discharge status and
possible complications or comorbidities.

Every particular DRG is matched with an appropriate relative cost weight. The base rate
(determined value of a reference performed) is expressed in Euro. The relative cost
weight is assigned to it and multiplied by the base rate, which is demonstrating the costs
for treatment for this particular illness.

Furthermore, there will be different additional charges. These are legally determined
and/or agreed upon with the hospital. Every single estimate of costs is based on the
available data/present knowledge and is covering the treatment without complications.
Thus, due to unexpected complications, the estimated costs can differ substantially.

14.    What does the doctor’s fee include?

This fee includes treatment by a head physician or physician of your choice. Please note
that if you choose head physician treatment, it refers to all head physicians involved in
your medical treatment. For example, if you need surgery, this will not only include the
head surgeon, but also the chief physicians of involved departments such as radiology,
anesthesia and laboratory medicine. In case the head physician will not be available, his
direct deputy will represent and carry out the treatment as well as the surgery.

15.    Why do I have to pay in advance?

Receipt of the money is mandatory for us to send you the visa invitation letter, but also for the respective embassies to issue the visa. The expected duration of treatment determines the validity of the visa. The hospital is responsible for ensuring that patients enter the country only for treatment and promptly leave the country once they have completed their treatment. Patients coming to Germany from abroad for medical treatment are obliged to pay the treatment costs in advance as a deposit.

16.    Can I pay in installments or can I get a discount?

Unfortunately, not. We require a full payment, in advance, prior to any international patient receiving services or treatment.

17.    Will I get a refund in case costs will be less than in the cost estimate?

Yes. If your actual charges are below the amount you paid in advance, you will receive a refund.

Nevertheless, we would like to clearly point out that the money which was not needed for treatment can only be refunded to the account from which the payment was carried out. A refund to another account can only take place when you provide us with a letter of authorization verifying the identity of the original depositor. This regulation applies in connection to the Money Laundering Act.

18.    Are interpreter services available at HELIOS?

Yes. Please let us know if you need an interpreter for your visit. Please note that this service is charged additionally.