Geburtsanmeldung - Englisch

We are happy to accompany you through the birth!

Here you can easily and conveniently book an appointment online.

Please make an appointment for birth registration before the 24th week of pregnancy, which will take place in the 30th-33rd week of pregnancy. Click here to go directly to the registration for a singleton birth. Click here to go directly to registration for a multiple birth. If you do not have the opportunity to make an appointment online, you can reach us at our telephone consultation.

Our obstetricians will take your maternity records, examine you and discuss any questions about the birth with you at your leisure.

Please check in at our patient intake desk 15 minutes prior to your appointment.

We will take our time with you and your birth plans and would like you to bring enough time as well. The appointment may last up to two hours.

Necessary documents

By registering for the birth, you confirm that you will bring the following documents to the appointment: Maternity passport, referral slip, health insurance card, blood sugar passport in case of gestational diabetes and/or existing diabetes mellitus, ultrasound findings, other laboratory findings.

Please bring an interpreter with you

It is important to note that we can only have a meaningful conversation if we have good language communication. If you speak and understand German or English poorly, you will need to bring an interpreter.