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House rules and regulations

House rules and regulations

These house rules are intended to ensure the well-being of patients and to ensure the working procedures. The regulations of the house rules apply to all persons who are in the facilities of the ENDO-Klinik, regardless of the reason for their presence. They become binding upon entering the hospital facilities.

§ 1 Implementations

  1. Division- and department-specific regulations may supplement these house rules. This also applies to regulations established due to special circumstances (e.g. outbreak of an infectious disease).
  2. The hospital management is responsible for exerting the house rules. The management, the medical and nursing directors and the employees of the security service are responsible for enforcing house rules and regulations.
  3. Patients, accompanying persons and visitors are obliged to follow the instructions of the hospital staff and the security service and to refrain from doing anything that could disturb hospital operations.
  4. It is not allowed to enter the operating rooms without permission.
  5. Respect for one another is essential.

§ 2 Special rules of conduct

  1. The current hygiene rules must be followed. To optimize the hygiene, automatic hand disinfectant dispensers are available in the entrance area and in the corridors of the nursing units. Hands must be disinfected before entering and after leaving the patients' room. The patients’ beds do not serve as seats and are to be kept clean of dirt (e.g. from street clothing).
  2. In order to ensure a successful daily routine, patients are requested to stay in their rooms during the times of ward rounds and handovers, as well as during the times of treatment and meals. In certain circumstances (e.g. in the case of communicable diseases, antibiotic resistance, certain indications) leaving the room is only allowed with the special permission of the doctor.
  3. During a stay in the hospital as a patient, suitable clothing must be worn, both inside the patient’s room and in bed (e.g. pyjamas, nightgown or wing shirt) and outside the patient’s room (e.g. dressing gown).
  4. In order to achieve the best possible healing success, only those medications are to be taken which are dispensed by the nursing staff in accordance with the doctor's prescription.
  5. Special consideration must be given to the need for peace and quiet of patients and room neighbours. The period of night rest from 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. must be strictly followed. The lighting in the patient's room is only to be turned on up to a reasonable time (with the exception of the night light). Noise caused by the use of mobile phones, radio and television is to be avoided.
  6. Patients are only allowed to leave the hospital premises with a doctor's permission, otherwise there is only limited insurance coverage and they act at own risk. Visits are generally possible at any time, as long as no other regulations exist. Visitors are requested to leave the patient's room during medical rounds and nursing procedures.
  7. The rearrangement or replacement of furniture and the use of treatment devices on your own is not permitted. The furniture and equipment of the hospital must be treated with care. The liability for any damages culpably caused is based on the general legal regulations.
  8. Bringing potted plants and pets is not permitted for hygienic reasons. This does not apply to guide dogs, therapy dogs and police service dogs.

§ 3 Safety and protective measures

  1. The fire safety regulations must be observed. Lighting candles and open fires of any kind as well as blocking self-closing doors is prohibited. In case of fire danger or other emergencies, the staff is the first point of contact.
  2. Guests who are not visiting family members and who visit the hospital without prior notification are required to announce their visit in advance at the main reception desk in the entrance area, stating the reasons for their visit.
  3. Drunk persons and persons on drugs may be refused to enter the hospital.
  4. The staff is encouraged to ask persons behaving in a conspicuous manner the reason for their presence or to inform the management and the security service.
  5. In addition to the generally applicable safety regulations, the special instructions specific to the location must be observed to ensure the safety of all persons and buildings. In the event of violations, measures to eliminate the disturbance or impairment are to be expected without further announcement.
  6. The function of all safety equipment must not be restricted. Operational fire protection equipment (e.g. fire alarm and house alarm systems, fire extinguishers, hydrants, fire doors) must not be damaged, blocked or put out of order.

§ 4 Person and lost property

The hospital is not responsible for any valuables belonging to patients. The staff will not accept them. Therefore, we ask you to leave any valuables at home or give them to relatives for safekeeping. For personal belongings there is a locker in the patient's room. Before each surgery, the hospital staff will point out to the patients that they can lock up their personal belongings there.

§ 5 Smoking and alcohol

Smoking is not permitted inside the hospital. Only the designated outdoor smoking areas are permitted for smoking. Cigarette waste must be disposed in the nearby ashtrays. The stairs to the St. Cosmas Pharmacy next door do not belong to the smoking area and are not a seating facility. Bringing and drinking alcoholic beverages or taking other intoxicating substances is not permitted on the area or inside the ENDO-Klinik. Exceptions to this are the intended use of medically prescribed medication, for which appropriate proof must be carried and shown if necessary.

§ 6 Taking photos, filming, media

  1. The hospital is not a public area, it is a protected and a sheltered space. Special legal provisions apply here: The State Hospital Act, data protection regulations and § 201a of the German Criminal Code (violation of the most personal sphere of life). Filming and taking photos is prohibited on the entire hospital area and inside the hospital buildings. In particular, filming or taking photos of patients, visitors, employees or other persons is strictly prohibited. Exceptions are only permitted with the explicit consent of the persons involved and, in the case of commercial and/or for profit photography, with permission of the management. The authorization must be carried along and shown if necessary.
  2. For the above reasons, journalists are not permitted to make visits to the hospital, the hospital area, or to patients without prior permission from the hospital management for the purpose of research or reporting. Journalists who contact patients, visitors or staff in the course of their work on the hospital area must identify themselves as journalists in advance.

§ 7 Prohibition of collections, commercial activities and party-political activities

In principle, advertising, peddling, begging, sales of any kind, offering of services, holding of collections and party-political activities are prohibited in the entire hospital area. In individual cases, the hospital management may permit exceptions to this rule.

§ 8 Non-compliance

In the event of repeated or severe violations of the house rules, patients and accompanying persons may be excluded from the hospital. A house ban can be imposed on visitors or other persons. In case of intentional or accidental damage to hospital property, compensation can be claimed.

§ 9 Effective date

These house rules will become effective as of January 1, 2022. On the same date, all previous house rules lose their validity.

§ 10 Contact

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact the hospital staff in the various departments. Complaints, suggestions and compliments are welcome to be sent directly to the hospital staff or to the complaint management. The complaint management can be contacted:


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