Pioneering work in dialysis in Aue 1961-1992

A pictorial history of dialysis in Aue

(based on information recorded by Prof. Kaden and 1,2)

First dialysis in Aue (and first dialysis in Saxony) performed on 1 January 1964 using a modified “Moeller kidney” produced by the Scheibner company, Bernsbach

“Artificial kidney” Aue I (1965) – a flat dialyser in a PMMA casing,
developed by Dr. Wolfgang Kaden, the Scheibner company in Bernsbach, the head of the research laboratory of the Chirurgische Klinik in Halle, Dr. Manfred Richter, and the Chemnitz engineer Günter Fechner 

“Artificial kidney” Aue II (1967) – enhanced compact unit; the dialysis membrane was mounted on two supports, the electronics were developed by VEB Meßgerätewerk Zwönitz.
This dialysis machine was widely used in the former GDR and was exported to many countries. 

A view of the newly opened Dialysis Centre in Aue in 1971 – equipped with dialysis machines of the Aue II type

In the early 1970s the transition to coil dialysers began; these were developed by VEB Keradenta-Werke Radeberg using “Nephrophan” tubes produced by VEB Film- und Chemiefaserwerk Wolfen; this modernised device was known as “Artificial kidney” KN 301. Later – in keeping with international trends – this unit was converted for the use of capillary flow dialyser technology. Keradenta purchased the required hollow fibres from VEB Kunstseidenwerk Pirna.

These were followed in 1981 by the KN 401 unit (Messgerätewerk Zwönitz and Technisch-physikalische Werkstätten Thalheim) and in 1988 by the KN 501 unit (Thalheim) – the last dialysis machine developed in the DDR.

Development of dialysis in the DDR3


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