History of the clinic from 2010

  - Directorship of the Clinic taken over by Priv.-Doz. Dr.med. Olaf Reichelt
  - Establishment of laparoscopic nephrectomy
  - Change of name to Clinic for Urology and Paediatric Urology
  - Establishment of:
  - laparoscopic prostatectomy 
  - laparoscopic pyeloplasty 
  - laparoscopic adrenalectomy  
  - laparoscopic partial renal resection
  - laparoscopic cystectomy  
  - laparoscopic ureter neoimplantation  
  - laparoscopic lymphocele fenestration 
  - laparoscopic single-port nephrectomy 
  - laparoscopic nephropexy
  - laparoscopic ureterocutaneostomy
  - laparoscopic ureterotomy - First laparoscopic pyelotomy and stone extraction 
  - New Olympus laparoscopy tower
  - New video urodynamics measuring system
  - Intra-operative laparoscopic ultrasound 
  - First laparoscopic partial resection of the urinary bladder and sigma resection in a case of vesicointestinal fistula
  - First laparoscopic colposacropexy
  - Start of bipolar transurethral enucleation of the prostate 
  - Complete re-equipment of the Endourology department (Olympus); instruments, flexible   ureterorenoscopy, operating table, C-arm
  - Move to House A
  - First laparoscopic pyeloplasty in a child
  - First laparoscopic excision of a urinary bladder diverticulum (intravesical technique)
  - Start of transvaginal mesh implantation
  - Start of DETOUR prosthesis implantation
  - Start of 3D laparoscopy (with flexible endoscopy)
  - First laparoscopic nephrotomy and stone extraction
  - First “One to One” intensive course on Urological Laparoscopy in Aue
  - First laparoscopic kidney transplant from a living donor and autotransplantation
  - First laparoscopic hemi-nephrectomy
  - New ultrasound unit with laparoscopic probe
  - Increase in number of beds and move to House B
  - first allium ureteral stent implantation

  - First gold marker and spacer implantation into the prostate