How the rehabilitation of international patients becomes a success

How the rehabilitation of international patients becomes a success

Foreign patients receive an appropriate therapy plan so that they can walk or speak better again. This contains various treatments which are tailored to those affected.

In physiotherapy, we specifically treat types of spasticity, provide walking training and BOBATH for children and adults. Our psychomotorics and physical therapies include e.g. manual lymph drainage, oedema therapy and heat Treatment.

We are one of the few clinics in Germany that uses the gait robot Lokomat®. Two computer-assisted orthoses enable patients to walk - completely passively or active. Children from four years old intensively train movement patterns which are anchored in the central nervous system. To be able to retrieve these automatically, you only need one thing: practice, practice and practice again. Playful tasks that the Lokomat® sets during the training help against potential boredom.

So that your child can be largely independent during the day, we support him or her with movement patterns and concentration in occupational therapy. This is where animal-assisted occupational therapy or brain training are used.

In Armeo®Spring therapy, an exoskeleton is used. Even if your child can only move his/her arm only to a minimum - it increases its strength and endurance, re-develops a feeling for the restricted arm and stays motivated through computer games.

If children and adolescents can no longer speak, swallow or hear well, we provide speech therapy services. Among other things, we specialise in speech development disorders, feeding disorders and stutters.

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