The Doctor of Your Choice

The Doctor of Your Choice

Auf Wunsch können Sie sich am Helios Standort Leipzig vom Chefarzt oder Arzt Ihrer Wahl behandeln lassen. Das gilt für alle an Ihrer Behandlung beteiligten Fachbereiche.

If you prefer, you can arrange for your treatment at the Heart Center to be provided by the Head of Department or by a doctor of your choice. The same applies to every specialist area involved in your treatment.

If the Head of Department is not available, another senior specialist selected for this purpose will assume responsibility for your treatment.

The doctors available all have specialist qualifications and experience in their area of medical expertise. We will be happy to assist you in making your choice.

Useful advice

You should check with your health insurance provider whether you are covered for treatment by a doctor of your choice (optional medical services) during your stay as an inpatient.

We will be happy to assist if necessary.