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At the Heart of Leipzig

[Translate to Englisch:] Blick auf den Augustusplatz in Leipzig
In the heart of Leipzig: the well-known "Gewandhaus" symphony hall (left side).

The Heart Center is located in the south-east of Leipzig. This Saxon metropolis is among the most dynamic German cities. Its more than 570,000 inhabitants value the city’s compactness, the many parks and green belts, and the highly diverse cultural programs.

Leipzig’s symphony hall, the “Gewandhaus zu Leipzig”, attracts music lovers from all over the world; art collectors come here searching for paintings by the artists of the Leipzig School; business people come here to visit many trade fairs.

Over the course of its 1,000-year history, many famous people have lived in or visited Leipzig, some of the most famous among them being Martin Luther, Johann S. Bach, J. W. Goethe, and Napoleon. This history lives on even today in some of the city’s most visited sights such as the Church of St. Thomas and Auerbach’s Keller.

Leipzig is closely associated with the peaceful revolution of 1989; people all over the world saw pictures of the mass demonstrations demanding freedom and change. After 1990 a period of great transformation began. Historical buildings and covered malls were painstakingly restored; shops, Restaurants and cafés now draw many to stroll through and tarry in Leipzig’s city center and surrounding neighborhoods. Large industrial complexes, such as Porsche and BMW, coupled with internationally active research institutes, universities and other institutions of higher education keep Leipzig’s heart young and dynamic.

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