Interventional magnetic resonance tomography

Interventional magnetic resonance tomography

Der interventionelle MRT ist das Herzstück des EPU-Labors im Herzzentrum Leipzig und ermöglicht unseren Experten hervorragende Einblicke in Ihr Herz, wobei gleichzeitig direkt Eingriffe vorgenommen werden können.

Interventional magnetic resonance tomography

By generating an extremely strong magnetic field, the structure and tissue of the heart can be studied in detail, and cardiac arrhythmia treated directly.

For many patients, this comes as a great relief, because this method can be performed without exposure to X-rays, and therefore causes little discomfort.

How interventional MRT can help you

Interventional MRT allows our experts to not only examine the heart, but also treat it at the same time, while their patients are still in the MRT.

Patients benefit from the fact that interventional MRT does not require the use of X-rays, so the examination is less traumatic. And doctors benefit from their ability to gain a profound insight into the interior of the heart, and to work with greater precision. Ultimately, both patients and doctors alike appreciate the opportunity for better, faster treatment and shorter recovery times.

So there are plenty of benefits associated with this interventional MRT for you as a patient of the Heart Center Leipzig. You can take advantage of these if you suffer from cardiac arrhythmia or a cardio-vascular disease, or else when it comes to diagnosis or selecting the most appropriate form of treatment for you. Interventional MRT can also play a central role in your care if you suffer from a secondary complication, or in the planning of follow-up treatment. Thanks to the outstanding images with their high level of temporal and spatial resolution which it supplies to our specialists, you can be assured that the optimum conditions are in place for your successful treatment in the EP laboratory and at the Heart Center Leipzig.

Record-breaking performance:

More than twenty patients are treated every day in our EP laboratory. Our experts regard interventional MRT as an important mainstay of diagnosis, treatment and therapeutic decision-making. Our specialists were able to conduct more than five thousand cardio-MRT examinations in the first two years alone (2015-2017). This means that our EP laboratory was conducting twice as many examinations as most of the other cardiology centers around the world.

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Information for doctors
Information for doctors

Cardiovascular magnetic resonance tomography (CMR) is used for intensive research and continuing education at the Heart Center. We are a certified training center of the German Cardiac Society, and have gained an international reputation, including in Europe and North America.

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