Hospital Hygiene

Hospital Hygiene

Hygiene and the prevention of infections is a high priority at Helios Hospital Krefeld. Thanks to an effective hygiene concept, we ensure a consistently high standard of hygiene.

We are aware of the risks posed by MRSA and other multi-resistant germs. For this reason, in 2006 Helios has founded the specialist group "Clinical Hygiene and Infectiology", which continuously discusses the latest research approaches and  implements company-wide measures.

In our daily clinic routine we consistently implement the recommendations developed by this specialist group. In our hygiene management we follow the recommendations and guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute.

Gold seal: Hospital Hand Hygiene

Gold seal: Hospital Hand Hygiene

For the second time in a row we have received the highest level of award from the Clean Your Hands Initiative. The seal is always awarded for two years and confirms that our hospital meets the highest standards of hand hygiene.

At our hospital, a specially trained hygiene team ensures that hospital hygiene is implemented and maintained. It consists of

  • a senior hospital hygienist
  • specially educated and trained hygiene specialists
  • hygiene officers in nursing
  • physicians responsible for hygiene in each department

Every year, our employees are trained on hygiene measures in accordance with the legal provisions. The hospital hygiene guidelines are binding as a company-wide regulation for all employees of the Helios Hospital Group. It represents a set of work instructions with the aim of achieving a consistently high standard of hygiene.

The guidelines are based primarily on evidence-based recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the HICPAC (Hospital Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee)/ CDC guidelines (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA) which are scientifically justified in accordance with the requirements of evidence-based medicine for individual infection prophylactic measures.


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