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Psychosocial services

The admission of a child or adolescent to our clinic means an enormous burden for many parents and family members. Especially if the illness is still unclear or serious. Because physical complaints are also experienced and processed psychologically. If the burden becomes too great, we offer you professional support.

Hands with crafted family

In addition to the physical symptoms, an illness always brings a number of questions along. Not only concerned relatives want clarity quickly, but also the sick children usually not only worry about their own condition but also about their parents and siblings. Above all, they react sensitively to changed behaviour in the family. The question "Why is everyone so different and worried?" is often left unanswered.

For parents, the family, professional and economic burdens can very quickly gain the upper hand, because loving care requires time. In addition, they feel anxious about their child and would like to be with him/her day and night.

The psychosocial service of the children's hospital, that is five colleagues who are specially trained in the field of children, youth and family and have many years of experience, offers quick and uncomplicated advice and support in every phase of treatment - regardless of whether outpatient or inpatient care is provided. All family members as well as patients can contact us at any time.

Our offer:

  • General psychosocial counselling
  • Information on various topics, e.g. care level, severely disabled person's card, domestic help, rehabilitation, etc.
  • Provision of care services, youth welfare services, therapeutic and socio-medical aftercare
  • Crisis intervention in acutely stressful situations
  • Educational counselling
  • Family counselling for family problems related to the disease
  • Psychosocial support for the notification of diagnosis and its handling
  • Psychological and curative education diagnostics for children with acute diseases
  • Psychotherapeutic support for children and young people
  • Terminal care and care of orphaned relative

International Services


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