Stenosis of the carotid artery

Arteriosclerosis often leads to calcification with constrictions (stenoses) of the carotid artery. The frequency of the disease increases with age. At our interdisciplinary vascular centre we offer the best possible care.

A narrowing of the internal carotid arteries, which are the main blood supply to the brain, can lead to circulatory disorders of the brain. This often leads to diseases such as a stroke with paralysis or speech and vision disorders.
After a comprehensive diagnostic, depending on the degree of stenosis or constriction, we decide together with you which form of therapy is most suitable for you. This can be, for example, a conservative therapy with aspirin, blood lipid lowering and regular ultrasound checks.

For more severe courses we offer you two treatment methods:

  • Endarteriectomy
    First the artery is closed above and below the occlusion or constriction with vascular clamps. Then we open the vessel and remove the calcifications with a special instrument. This operation can be performed under a gentle regional anaesthetic technique. The advantages of this frequently used procedure are the low physical strain, the excellent long-term results and the low complication rate.
  • Stenting
    We insert a stent through a catheter in the inguinal artery. The implant keeps the carotid artery open and prevents the occurrence of new strokes. We only use this procedure for patients with unfavourable conditions at the neck (e.g. previous operations, radiation), as the long-term results of this therapy method are inferior to open surgery.

We will be happy to talk to you in detail about our treatment options and are also available for aftercare. This includes follow-up examinations of the operated and the non-operated opposite side to quickly detect any signs of narrowing.

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