New therapies for skin cancer

New therapies for skin cancer

Thanks to medical progress, there are a large number of systemic therapies available today. We can fall back on effective drugs that target the tumor. These drugs recognise mutations in the tumour cells, for example, and usually stop the malignant growth very quickly.

Immunotherapy/antibody therapy

If a skin tumour has spread, effective therapies using immunotherapeutic agents are available today. These are drugs that enable the immune system to recognize the tumor and fight it effectively.
From a certain tumour stage onwards, immunotherapy can also be considered as a preventive measure to strengthen the patient's own tumour defence (adjuvant therapy). We administer interferon to the patient, which is the most suitable drug for this purpose so far. This activates defence cells that fight or expel the tumour cells.


When many metastases occur in different parts of the body, chemotherapy is usually necessary. Chemotherapy uses special agents, so-called cytostatic drugs. Such cytotoxins disturb the basic functions of the cancer cells so severely that they can no longer divide or grow. In some cases, chemotherapy can be applied locally by applying a highly effective ointment directly to the diseased areas. In most cases, however, chemotherapeutic treatment is systemic, i.e. it acts throughout the body. Here, cytostatic drugs are either taken in tablet form or injected.


Electrochemotherapy (ECT) is a method in the supportive therapy of patients with advanced skin cancer or skin metastases of other tumors. Here, the effectiveness of chemotherapy is enhanced by additional electrical impulses.

Choice of therapy and complementary offers

We clarify the criteria of a drug therapy within the framework of molecular diagnostics and let them influence the individual therapy strategy. In our tumour conference, we assess together with all necessary specialists which therapy should be recommended to the individual patient and whether participation in a study is possible.
Furthermore, a holistic treatment is important to us. At our Oncology Centre we offer psycho-oncological support, nutritional counselling courses and many other supportive services. All these options can have an additional positive influence on the course of the disease.