Our most important sensory organ is very sensitive and complex. In order to preserve your visual acuity and vision, we are at your side with all our experience in glaucoma treatment.

Glaucoma combines a number of different eye diseases that slowly progress to optic nerve damage. To prevent you from going blind, we tailor the therapy to your individual needs.
Well-effective glaucoma medication in the form of eye drops help to lower the intraocular pressure and relieve the optic nerve. If these are not sufficient to stop the progression of the disease or if concomitant diseases and intolerances speak against their use, various surgical procedures are available.

Interventions on our sensitive sensory organ require caution and expertise. We offer you many years of experience in combination with modern gentle techniques.

Our main treatment areas:

  • Filtration operations (trabeculectomy/goniotrepanation)
  • non-perforating glaucoma surgery (viscocanalostomy, canaloplasty)
  • Epibulbar drainage implants for secondary glaucoma
  • Minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (trabecoma, XEN implant, iStent)
  • Treatment of acute and chronic angle block glaucoma (peripheral iridectomy)
  • Laser treatment (cyclophotocoagulation, selective laser trabeculoplasty)
  • Childhood/juvenile glaucoma
  • modern glaucoma diagnostics: HRT (Heidelberg Retina Tomograph), pachymetry (Scheimpflug examination of the anterior segment of the eye), Pentacam (measurement of the eye)
  • Optic nerve OCT (optical coherence tomography), visual field examination (perimetry)

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