Information about the coronavirus

On this page we inform you about our current recommendations and precautions in connection with the coronavirus. This page is updated regularly.

All patients, accompanying persons and visitors must fill out a COVID-19 questionnaire upon entry. If you want to fill out the questionnaire at home and bring it with you, you can download it here. The questionnaire must reflect the current (health) status.

Questionnaire for patients

Questionnaire for visitors and accompanying persons

For the protection of our patients and staff, the following precautions are implemented:

  • For any consultation in our outpatient clinics you need a pre-scheduled appointment by telephone.
  • All general outpatient appointments as well as diagnostic and clarification talks are requested to be made without an accompanying person – with special exceptions in some cases. Please talk to your care team (doctor / department) in case you need special help or somebody to accompany you.
  • All patients undergo systematic COVID-19 screening. This includes a contact-free temperature measurement and a questionnaire to be completed in advance. If you want to fill out the questionnaire at home and bring it with you, you can find it above under "COVID questionnaires for download".
  • Within the framework of inpatient admission, we perform a corona swab (PCR test) on all patients.
  • All patients, staff and visitors are required to wear a mask at all times while in our facilities.
  • The hygiene and distance rules are to be strictly followed. Please maintain 6 feet of distance whenever possible. Furniture in seating areas throughout each facilitiy is marked accordingly to comply with social distancing protocols. Wash your hands frequently with soap und water for at least 20 seconds. In addition, disinfectant dispensers are available throughout the house.
  • Caregivers and visitors must also fill in a questionnaire, which can be found under "COVID questionnaires for download".

If you have any questions please contact our Team for International Services.

To protect the safety of our patients and staff, we currently have a no visitor policy. Exceptions will be approved for special circumstances, including:

  • Palliative care patients and in cases of medical hardship
  • For accompaniment during childbirth (one person)
  • For visiting fathers in the first time after childbirth
  • Pediatric patients with / without an accompanying person in the children’s clinic

In order to enable secure and comfortable access in these exceptional cases, we have converted our access system to a flexible, digital visit system. Relatives with a special permit can easily register for an appointment online and check in and out at the open entrances using a QR code. Here you can register your visit to the hospital

In case you have no Internet yourself, there is the possibility to book an appointment at the entrance in the main building.

Please note: If you develop symptoms suggestive of a corona infection, visiting is strictly prohibited.

In case of emergency we are there for you. Please use the newly created entrance to the emergency centre opposite the P2 multi-storey car park (access via Lutherstrasse). We already separate suspected corona patients at the entrance. The examination and treatment of corona patients is strictly separated in a separate area.

Pregnant women can now register again for birth planning, but without an accompanying person. If you have a normal pregnancy and there is nothing special to report in terms of your health, it is still possible to give birth without registering. In this case you can simply come  to the clinic at the beginning of the birth directly.

Birth planning for high-risk pregnancies or other urgent reasons, such as multiple pregnancies, persistent breech presentation or a possibly necessary caesarean section, is continued as usual.

We ask pregnant women - as far as possible - to go to the outpatient appointments on their own.

In addition, the following regulations apply:

  • Face masks are mandatory throughout the house. This also applies to pregnant women and women giving birth, except during times in the room.
  • In the delivery room one accompanying person is still allowed to the birth. This person must be healthy and free of symptoms, must not have had contact with Covid-19 patients and must not have been in a risk area for the past 14 days. A change of this accompanying person is not possible.
  • Every day during their time in the maternity ward, women who have given birth can be visited by one person for one hour.
  • Separation from their baby is not necessary for mothers who are tested for the corona virus and have few symptoms. You stay with your baby whether you are breastfeeding or not. This also applies, of course, while you are waiting for your test result.
  • In the current situation, we recommend that all women who have given birth and whose state of health allows it should be discharged home early.

We would like to give you confidence especially in the present time and are available for telephone questions at any time.

You can find more information on the website of our Mother and Child Centre. There is also a link to a PDF file with questions and answers about the risks of coronavirus for pregnant women and infants.

Donors who are healthy and fit can continue to donate blood. Our employees wear a face mask, and the donor beds have sufficient distance between them.

In the meantime, all patients, accompanying persons and visitors must fill out a COVID 19 questionnaire before they enter the clinic - including you as a blood donor.

If you want to fill out the questionnaire at home and bring it with you, you can download it here. The questionnaire must reflect the current (health) status.

In all outpatient and inpatient facilities of our hospital, patients, staff and visitors are required to wear a face mask at all times. Patients and visitors who enter our hospital without wearing a mask will receive one at the main entrance.

For patients and visitors our kiosk offers from 8 am to 6 pm all sorts of snacks.

Currently, our cafeteria is only open to our employees.

Please join us consequently!

These measures and precautions are aimed to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

We ask for your understanding and thank you for your support!