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Supporting offers

For every person, the diagnosis of cancer is a deep cut in life. In order to help patients to cope better with the disease, we offer numerous supporting services in addition to medical treatment.

Social Service / Patient Service Center

The staff at the Patient Service Center advise and support you in all psychosocial and socio-medical aspects of the illness - for example, in connection with follow-up treatment, home care or self-help.


Psycho-oncological support

To be able to better cope with the psychological situation of a cancer disease, we offer our patients the possibility of psycho-oncological support and advice - before, during and after an inpatient stay.
If you have not yet been actively approached or would like to have a follow-up discussion, you can address your concerns to your treating physician any time.


Nutrition counseling

Cancer is very often accompanied by unwanted weight loss. Many factors, such as loss of appetite, disorders of the swallowing tract, inflammation, dry mouth and other comorbidities can impair the food and fluid intake and worsen the nutrient balance. In the context of cancer therapy, individual nutritional counseling and therapy is therefore an important measure to improve the quality of life and prevent complications during the course of treatment.

You can find more information about nutrition therapy here


Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

After a major operation, during a long stay in hospital with being bedridden or if your balance is affected, it is important to get back on your feet as soon as possible. For this purpose, a large team of therapists is available to you at our Oncology Center. Our physiotherapists and occupational therapists accompany you during your stay with us and provide you with exercises that you can also do at home.

Pain therapy

During cancer therapy, we pay special attention to the treatment and fight against pain. For this purpose, a specialized and experienced team of pain therapists is at your side. Pain-free patients are able to move better physically and thus better ventilate their lungs. They eat better because they have a better appetite, and they can also participate more in social life. If you are in pain, please contact your doctor.

Department for phoniatrics / speech therapy

Cancer of the head and neck region can cause problems with eating, drinking and speaking, depending on the location and size of the tumor. In this case, our speech therapists offer rehabilitation tailored to your needs. It includes early consultation and treatment in the acute inpatient and/or outpatient area. Depending on the case of illness, you will learn voice, speech and swallowing techniques that will help you in everyday life, and/or you will be trained in the use of tracheal cannulas and voice prostheses. In addition to the speech therapy team, our cooperation partners in phoniatrics are also available to you as specialized doctors in the outpatient area.


In addition to the best possible medical and nursing care, self-help is systematically included in the treatment process at our center.
The nationwide and local self-help groups offer a wide range of support for cancer patients and their relatives. Those affected can contact the self-help groups without obligation and make use of group or individual discussions, telephone and online counseling and a wide range of information material free of charge.

Pastoral care

In some situations a familiar conversation is the best way to help. With our trained pastors you will find people who listen and offer help with personal questions and problems. Of course, the conversations remain absolutely confidential and are not bound to any denomination.