Tumour Board: Finding the best therapy as a team

Tumour Board: Finding the best therapy as a team

Today, interdisciplinary treatment is essential for the success of the therapy. The ultimate goal is to find the best treatment for each patient there we carry out Tumour Boards .

With the possibilities of modern cancer medicine, diagnostics and treatment have become more complex. It is not easy for an individual doctor to keep track of the many treatment options and the latest state of research. This is why all the disciplines of our Oncology Centre involved in cancer treatment work closely together.

Once a week, the specialists from the individual organ cancer centres meet at the Tumour Board. These include specialized surgeons, radio-oncologists, experts in drug therapy, pathologists, radiologists and oncological nurses. Our goal is to develop a therapy recommendation that is optimally tailored to the patient's specific clinical picture.

Organ-related Tumour Boards at the oncology centre

  • Lung, ENT and skin tumour board
  • Visceral oncological tumour board
  • Gynaecological tumour board
  • Haematological tumour board
  • Neurooncological Tumour Board
  • Paediatric Oncological Tumour Board