Medical Oncology: Modern cancer medicine

As specialists for the medical treatment of malignant tumours, we support people with cancer in many aspects of the disease.

Our work focuses on the question of which treatment concept is best suited to cure or dam the individual cancer of a patient.

To this end, we work closely with the various departments of our Oncology Centre and resident experts and look after all organ-related tumour boards at the centre.

Cancer therapy using drugs

Besides surgery and radiation therapy, drug therapy is an important pillar of modern cancer medicine. Our patients receive treatment that is in line with the latest scientific findings and always incorporates new therapeutic approaches.

Focus on quality of life

It is particularly important to us to maintain the quality of life of our patients as far as possible and to enable them to live as independently as possible - even and especially when only palliative treatment is still possible.

Certified oncology centre

Our Oncology Centre is certified by the German Cancer Society and comprises seven organ cancer centres.