Blood and cancer diseases

Progress in Diagnostics

Progress in Diagnostics

New Diagnostic methods are becoming better and better at identifying the errors that lead to the uncontrolled proliferation of cells. This knowledge opens up new possibilities for therapy.

In addition to histological and cytological examinations, molecular diagnostics is playing an increasingly important role in the care of cancer patients. In the case of solid tumours and haematological diseases, molecular biological analyses are the only way to select the best therapy concept for the individual patient. 

Our diagnostic spectrum

We have our own haematological laboratory on the premises of the clinic and cooperate closely with the Institute of Pathology. In addition, we work closely with numerous national reference centres and special laboratories for further investigations (cytogenetics, molecular genetics, mutation determination, etc). At the end of the diagnostics is the interdisciplinary discussion in the tumor board for the preparation of therapy recommendations for our patients.