Vulvar and vaginal cancer

Vulvar cancer is a rare and the vaginal cancer a very rare, malignant tumour of the external female sexual organs. It mainly occurs in old age. Since the disease is increasingly HPV-associated, younger women are also increasingly affected.

In the early stages, cancer of the labia minora (vulvar cancer) causes little or no discomfort. This is why regular gynaecological cancer screening is so important. Here, the gynaecologist in private practice can detect precancerous stages and asymptomatic tumours at an early stage. An early diagnosis significantly improves the prognosis. In later stages, vulvar cancer can cause various symptoms, the most typical being itching.

We treat the vulvar carcinoma surgically. Even though the treatment - especially in the early stages - is highly likely to result in a cure, there are still two problem areas whose attention is very important from the outset:

The operation can lead to external changes in the genital region. We therefore use surgical techniques that enable the removal of the tumour in healthy individuals and at the same time provide the best possible cosmetic restoration. This requires extensive surgical experience, which we have at our disposal.

The removal of the lymph nodes in the groin often leads to healing disorders or lymphostasis in the legs. Here, the need for lymph node removal is to be considered very carefully. With the option of sentinel lymph node removal, a gentle procedure can be used here.

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