Specialised centre for ovarian cancer

Specialised centre for ovarian cancer

A total of about 8,000 women in Germany are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year. This makes tumours of the ovaries one of the most common cancers of the female reproductive organs.

The disease usually occurs after the menopause. The average age of onset is around 62 years. As the "silent cancer", ovarian carcinoma often remains undetected in the pelvis for a long time. Despite internationally outstanding research results, treatment is currently in need of improvement. This is because one third of affected women are not treated according to established standards.

How is ovarian cancer treated?

The treatment of ovarian cancer usually consists of surgery followed by chemotherapy. Since the tumor tends to spread over the peritoneum, it is crucial to remove all affected areas during the operation. This means that no more diseased cells should be visible to the naked eye. The aim of the subsequent outpatient drug therapy is to prevent a relapse due to further cancer cells that may still be dormant in the body. In advanced stages and depending on the biological characteristics of the tumour, we usually combine chemotherapy with targeted cancer treatment.

Certified centre for the treatment of ovarian cancer

Our team of the certified gynaecological cancer centre supports those affected in all phases of the disease. Both the experience of our surgeons and the guideline-based and comprehensive care at our Oncology Centre are certified by the German Cancer Society. Due to our participation in clinical studies, treatment according to the latest scientific therapy concepts is possible.

Hereditary ovarian cancer

We are a certified center for familial breast and ovarian cancer.