Therapy and prevention of cervical cancer

The Gynaecological Cancer Centre at Helios Hospital Krefeld specialises in the treatment of cervical cancer and its preliminary stages (cervical dysplasia).

Dysplasias are abnormal cells on the surface of the cervix. Severe dysplasia does not resolve on its own and is considered to be a precancerous stage - early detection and treatment can prevent cancer.

Cervical cancer is an already malignant change in the cervical tissue, usually in the area of the cervix. The disease usually occurs in younger women; at the time of first diagnosis half of the patients are younger than 53 years. Thanks to regular screening, the number of new cases of cervical cancer in Germany is decreasing significantly.

In early stages of cervical cancer surgery is the therapy of choice. For advanced tumours, combined radiochemotherapy is often the better option.

As a certified gynaecological cancer centre, we have extensive experience in the treatment of dysplasia and cervical cancer. In our clinic, we exclusively use nerve-sparing surgical techniques (TMMR, total mesometrial resection), which optimally preserve the nearby nerve supply to the bladder. Particularly in the case of young women who wish to have children, it must be examined how the preservation of the uterus is possible and justifiable. The latest surgical methods are available for this purpose.

Which therapy and operation method is to be used will be decided in a team of highly specialised doctors together with the Patient.

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