If gallstones cause problems, we usually perform a Cholecystectomy. Very few people know that we can live well without gall bladder.

In every fourth person with gallstones, the stony formations become noticeable in the course of his life. Gallstones can block the exit of the gallbladder and lead to colic with spasmodic pain, or can migrate into the bile duct, get stuck there and cause an infection. In these cases, surgical removal of the gallbladder with its stony contents by means of a laparoscopy has proven to be effective.

In Germany the removal of the gall bladder is performed about 200,000 times a year. In our clinic, we perform the procedure as keyhole surgery as standard (over 99 percent). Complications are almost non-existent. Since the surgical procedure is very gentle, you can usually be discharged home on the second day after the procedure if you feel comfortable.

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