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Diabetic foot treatmet: Good on and to the feet

Diabetic foot treatmet: Good on and to the feet

High sugar levels affect the nerves and blood vessels in the long term. About one in four diabetics suffers from nerve or circulatory problems in the feet, and about 250,000 diabetics have problems in the feet. In our certified diabetic foot clinic you will find competent help.

In our clinic, you will be closely monitored from the diagnostic stage onwards so that any damage to your feet is slowed down or even stopped. The outpatient treatment of diabetic foot wounds is multi-tracked.

Therapy of the diabetic foot

In addition to the correct adjustment of blood sugar, blood lipids and blood pressure, we pay special attention to wound care: if the wound remains open, germs can enter. You will be cared for by trained wound therapists. Minor surgical procedures can be performed directly on an outpatient basis.
At the same time a better blood circulation must be ensured. The diabetic foot syndrome is often fostered by a peripheral arterial occlusive disease - a chronic vascular disease of the arteries in the leg. It is important to ensure a sufficient blood supply through targeted therapies to halt the progression of the disease. In addition, appropriate footwear helps to relieve the feet.

Treatment in a multi-professional team

In order to provide you with comprehensive care, diabetologists, dermatologists, surgeons, vascular specialists and wound therapists work hand in hand at our foot centre. In addition, we are closely networked with orthopaedic shoemakers, podiatrists and outpatient care services on site.