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Skin Inflammation: Relief from Psoriasis and Neurodermatitis

Many different conditions lead to inflammatory reactions of the skin. While mild eczema often only requires temporary treatment, the treatment of severe chronic inflammation often requires a comprehensive treatment concept.

Inflammatory diseases - acute or chronic?

For acute inflammatory diseases in the skin area we can fall back on numerous individual therapy options. Infections, parasites or even venereal diseases usually cause acute inflammations.

Chronic inflammatory diseases

The most common chronic inflammatory skin diseases include:

  • Neurodermatitis (atopic eczema)
  • Psoriasis

At our dermatological clinic you can expect a comprehensive concept for the diagnosis and therapy of these diseases including participation in clinical studies.

In addition to laboratory tests, we offer all established test procedures, examine nutritional and psychological aspects and give recommendations regarding skin care. In addition, all established methods of light therapy in the UVA and UVB spectrum are available. In severe cases, various drugs modulating the immune system can be used, whereby we always consider all possibilities of a cortisone-free treatment.

Managing stress for people with inflamed skin

Skin diseases are often stressful for the patients, as inflammations or visible eczemas meet with a lack of understanding of the environment or cause shame in some affected persons themselves. We are there for you with expertise and empathy and help you with a therapy tailored to your needs.

Our range of treatments includes:

  • Differentiated diagnostics for unclear skin diseases
  • Focus search - targeted treatment of the original focus of inflammation
  • Stage-specific local therapy - individually tailored treatment of the affected area according to the progression of the disease
  • Therapies with biologically active substances that act on the whole body (systemic therapies with biologicals), for example for psoriasis
  • Systemic therapy of infectious diseases
  • Light therapies with different light bundles (UVB 311nm, UVA, UVA cold light, bath-PUVA, cream PUVA)
  • Light testing - diagnosis at light sensitivity, determination of the so-called light threshold
  • Tap water iontophoresis - electrically assisted process for better absorption of active ingredients through the skin in a water bath
  • Therapy of parasitic diseases
  • Diagnostics and therapy of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Diagnosis and therapy of itching
  • Training on how to deal with the disease