Counselling on headaches

Already in children and adolescents, headaches are increasingly occurring as an independent clinical picture, i.e. not as a symptom of another disease.

We offer individual behavioural therapy consultations for children and young people with chronic tension headaches or migraines. The aim is to provide guidance for self-help and to reduce the burden of headaches in the long term.

Headache counselling includes:

  • Explanation and information about headaches
  • Identify headache triggers by keeping a headache diary and changing lifestyle if necessary
  • Recognition of the connection between "stress situations" and physical reactions
  • Learning the "Progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson", a relaxation method that can be used in many cases to cope with pain
  • Learning specific strategies for coping with pain, such as redirecting attention
  • Planning individual behavioural strategies to cope with pain
  • Information for parents

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