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Post-COVID syndrome

Even though the coronavirus has been detected in many organs, the lungs are most frequently affected by long-term damage.

Long-term problems of a corona infection

The long-term or late effects of a corona infection range from fatigue syndrome and loss of fitness during sports to thrombotic changes in the lungs. The good news is that most people who have persistent, lung related symptoms recover completely without consequences.

Our clinic is experienced in the treatment of COVID patients and has collected a lot of data in the meantime – also from patients with severe courses of the disease. Since the first wave of infection, we have been the contact point for smaller, less specialised hospitals in the region for severe COVID cases as a lung and respiratory centre.

Post-COVID consultation

In our consultation hours for patients with post-COVID syndrome, we advise you in detail about your symptoms and the possibilities to support a complete healing and rehabilitation. We have various examinations at our disposal for this purpose.

If you have any concerns, talk to your general practitioner in the first instance – he or she will usually be able to help you. In addition, we will be happy to assist you with our expertise.

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