Age-appropriate environment

Age-appropriate environment

Having fun and being allowed to feel normal pushes the illness into the background for a while, helps to reduce stress and get well again.

As a centre specialising in children's oncology, we attach great importance to leaving room for fun and games. On the one hand, we would like to create an age-appropriate environment for the children. On the other hand, our educators and therapists try to distract the children and young people from the disease and the associated burdens as much as possible, to awaken new interests and to learn an alternative way of dealing with the disease through playful activities.

  1. Games Department

    From Monday to Friday, our games department offers a wide range of activities for all children who are free of infections and allowed to leave the ward. If your child cannot leave the ward, the nursery nurses will come to the ward.

  2. Hospital clown

    The clinic clown visits our inpatients and outpatients every Tuesday.

  3. Music therapy

    Every Wednesday a music therapist is visiting to listen to the children's musical wishes. She makes music with the children individually or in small groups, in the patient rooms or in the common room.


  4. The " Fruit Alarm " campaign

    Every Thursday afternoon we have the "fruit alarm". Therefore students, so-called "Fruchtis", come to the ward and mix fruit cocktails together with the children at the patient's bedside. You can find more information here Fruchtalarm


  5. Onco Breakfast

    Every fortnight, the onco-breakfast for our outpatients and inpatients and their parents takes place in the kitchen of the paediatric clinic. This offer is also taken up by former patients and their parents and offers many opportunities to exchange experiences with each other.

  6. School lessons

    School lessons are provided as far as possible by our hospital school. A colloquium of five teachers teaches the school-age children at their bedside or in the classrooms of the Christophorus School. You can find more information here School for patients