Stroke: Best possible treatment at the stroke unit

Stroke: Best possible treatment at the stroke unit

As a certified supra-regional stroke unit, we are at your service with all the possibilities of modern stroke therapy around the clock, 365 days a year.

Every stroke is an emergency and should be treated as soon as possible in a clinic equipped for the appropriate diagnosis and therapy. For this purpose, the Helios Hospital Krefeld has a specialised stroke unit with state-of-the-art equipment.

Acute stroke care

The treatment of stroke has developed considerably in recent years: In addition to the rapid medical reopening of a brain-supplying vessel blocked by a clot (lysis therapy), we can reopen blockages of large vessels with the aid of catheter technology (thrombectomy). If necessary, surgical measures are also available to treat vascular changes.

Intensive care monitoring

On the stroke unit, we guarantee particularly intensive care for patients with an acute stroke. The continuous monitoring of blood pressure, heart action, oxygen content in the blood, blood sugar and temperature serves to optimise blood circulation in the brain. In addition, targeted drug therapy is intended to provide rapid protection against further circulatory disorders.

Early rehabilitation

In addition to intensive care acute treatment, intensive early rehabilitation is also part of our treatment concept. Consisting of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, among other things. Especially early rehabilitation measures can help to regain or compensate for lost abilities as far as possible. Early rehabilitation is often followed by further treatment in a rehabilitation clinic. We set the course for this to ensure that your therapy continues as smooth as possible.

Back to everyday life

The decisive goal of stroke treatment is to help those affected return to normal life. To achieve this, it is important to clarifyt the cause of the stroke and to intiate the necessary measures to provide protection in the future. The necessary examinations of the blood vessels, heart and coagulation system are carried out at the stroke unit. An important part of the treatment is therefore also a consultation on the future lifestyle.

 The logo for certification as a stroke unit

Certified supra-regional stroke unit

Our stroke unit is certified according to the quality standards of the German Stroke Society and the German Stroke Foundation as a supra-regional stroke unit - a special distinction for the high quality of therapy and the dedicated work of a large, multidisciplinary team that cares for more than 1,000 stroke patients annually.

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The Helios Hospital Krefeld offers a new treatment option, thrombectomy, around the clock.