Neuroophthalmological disorders

Not every visual disorder is caused by a disease of the eye. Dysfunctions and impairments can also occur in the visual stimulus processing by the nervous system.

Diseases of the optic nerve or visual centres of the brain can lead to severe visual impairment and even blindness. Diseases of other nerves or brain centres that control the movement of the eye, in turn, lead to the disturbing perception of double vision (strabismus) or even dizziness.

Common complaints include:

  • Loss of vision and visual field disorders
  • Perception of double images
  • Eye Paralysis
  • Nystagmus (eye tremor)
  • Disorders of pupils
  • Visual partial performance disturbances

Neuroophthalmology is an important interface between ophthalmology and neurology in the clarification of unclear visual disorders. In this special field, we provide you with special clinical expertise, which is just as necessary as the performance and evaluation of special tests. These include electrophysiological examinations, the evaluation of eye movements using video techniques (videooculography) and neuroradiological sectional imaging techniques (MRT, CT).

At the end of the clarification there can result such different diseases as multiple sclerosis, stroke, tumours or the so-called pseudotumour cerebri. We also offer our many years of experience in the diagnostic processing and therapy of neurologically caused visual disorders for the obtainment of a second opinion.