Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery

Surgical experience and individual consultation are prerequisites for high-quality treatment in the head and neck area.

Aesthetics and function are often inseparable in the facial area: Changes in the shape of the outer nose are often accompanied by a restriction of nasal breathing and olfactory ability. Changes in the shape of the ears (e.g. protruding ears) particularly affect the psychological well-being of our little patients. Within the framework of plastic-aesthetic surgery, we ensure the cosmetic correction of these natural changes in shape with simultaneous improvement of function.

In contrast, plastic-reconstructive surgery deals with the cosmetic and functional restoration after an accident, tumor disease or congenital malformations in the head and neck area.

Plastic surgery always requires treatment tailored to the individual case, in which we coordinate with you individually.

Our range of treatments

  • Operations on the external nose (straightening of a crooked or humped nose)
  • Surgical application of the auricles (otocles)
  • Restoration of facial expression and function in facial nerve paralysis
  • Scar corrections on the face and neck
  • Removal of tumors of the skin on head and face
  • Tissue transfer (flap plasty) after tumor diseases
  • Fitting of epithesis